Pinup Jordan's Mermaid Lounge

Stylist Name: Jordan Glindmyer
Instagram Name: @PinupJordan
Station Color: Teal
Specialty: Vivid Color & Color Correction
Education: The College of Saint Rose, Paul Mitchell the School Schenectady, Paul Mitchell Caper Vegas, Goldwell Color Certification, Rebecca Taylor Intro to Vivids and Social Media, Pravana Master Colorist Certification, Pravana Artistic Educator Training, Butterfly Loft Butterfly Circus NYC, Linh Phan & Rickey Zito Renegades of Color.
Hair Inspiration: Vivid colorists such as Rebecca Taylor (@VividArtisticHairDesign), Rickey Zito (@Hairgod_Zito) and Linh Phan (@BeScene). I’m inspired by bright colors, unusual color combinations and challenging color placement, and I love coming up with the perfect hair based on my client’s needs!
Career Goal: To win an award or to teach on stage 
Fun Fact: Jordan originally went to school to be an attorney and has a bachelors degree in Criminal Law

Stylist Name: Marissa Cincoski, 

Instagram Name: @MermaidHairMarissa
Station Color: Green
Specialty: Vivids, Color Correction
Hair Inspiration: 
Career Goal:  
Fun Fact: 

Paul, @PinupPaul

Genn, @GennShaughnessyMUA

Stylist Name: Kiernan, AKA Kiki
Instagram Name: @KikiHairSlayer
Station Color: Violet
Specialty: Vivids, Color Correction
Education: Hudson Valley Community College
Hair Inspiration: 
Career Goal:  
Fun Fact: 

Stylist Name: Osman Salam
Instagram Name: @KikiHairSlayer
Station Color: Pink
Specialty: Formal Styling & Balayage

Education: Paul Mitchell the School Schenectady, Hudson Valley Community College
Hair Inspiration: "The brides I work with, and natural beauties like Blake Lively."
Career Goal: "To be able to support myself financially so I can can give more of my time volunteering with underprivileged individuals."  
Fun Fact: 

Marissa, @MermaidHairMarissa

Stylist Name: Jenn Barnett
Instagram Name: @UnicornAlchemy11.11
Station Color: Orange
Specialty: Razor Cutting & Corrective Color
Education: Oneida County BOCES 2000
Hair Inspiration: Colors in nature, Nick Arrojo, Edward Scissorhands
Career Goal: Balance working with clients and my love of nature
Fun Fact: "I'm an avid kayaker."

​Valerie, @ValDoesHair

Stylist Name: Valerie Ancowitz
Instagram Name: @ValDoesHair
Station Color: Lavender
Specialty: Balayage/Color correction 
Education: Ualbany, Paul Mitchell , trained under Redken Educators and the Redken Exchange
Hair Inspiration: Emily Costello and Guy Tang. I like to incorporate both natural and alternative styles into my work. 
Career Goal: To continually improving my art and to eventually become an educator.  
Fun Fact: Used to breed Guinea Pigs

Meet the Mermaids!

Stylist Name: Allie Wildy
Instagram Name:@Allie.Style
Station Color: Blue
Specialty:Blonding Specialist and Color Correction Specialist 
SUNY Oswego, majored in Public Relations. John Paul's Hair Nails and Skin Institute, cosmetology. Multiple classes from Paul Mitchell, Sexy Hair, Michael O'Rourke, Guy Tang, Redken, Wella, L'Oréal, Martin Parsons, Butterfly Circus, Ash Fortis, Iris Smith, Beth Minardi, Ian Michael Black, Sam Villa, Linh Phan & Rickey Zito Renegades of Color. I have studied all of the most current trends within Schwarzkopf Professional, including barbering with Matty Conrad, stage presentations with Damien Carney and Rossa Juerenas, and Kim Vo. I've also been able to assist at shows as well as teach classes on my own on a regular basis. I'm also currently enrolled in the Schwarzkopf Professional Master Colorist program.
Hair Inspiration: I'm a huge fan of Iris Smith and Lihn Phan. I feel like they both are able to make beautiful and soft looks, while still being fun and interesting. Damien Carney is also amazing
Career Goal:
I want to make a name for myself in the world of creating color combinations and custom shades that people maybe haven't have thought of before. And I want to teach two classes a month across the US so I can meet and teach other hairdressers all over.
Fun Fact: I remember all of the words to every top 40 song released between 1997 and 2006.

Stylist Name: Paul
Instagram Name: @PinupPaul
Station Color: Black
Specialty: Barbering

Education: Nassau Community College, Associates in Civil Engineering, Paul Mitchell the School Schenectady for Barbering
Hair Inspiration: "My wife, @PinupJordan, and the rest of the Mermaids at the Lounge."
Career Goal:  
Fun Fact: 

All of the Mermaids here at the Lounge are booth renters, which means they are independently employed, create their own schedule and book their own appointments. Please call or text your stylist individually to schedule an appointment. If you're a first time client or are unsure of who would be the best match for you, feel free to shoot us a message regarding your current hair status and hair goal, and we will match you up with the appropriate specialist! 

Jordan, @PinupJordan (Owner)

Kiernan, @KikiHairSlayer

Allie, @Allie.Style

*Note* Jordan typically books out 6-8 weeks in advance and only takes on select vivid clients at this time. Please call the salon or email for details

Osman, @HairWizardofOz​​

Jenn, @UnicornAlchemy11.11